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The team at Webspace delivered a truly remarkable experience. From the brief to the design to the delivered product. Great fun, great work!

Matthew Spaninks Director at Astrea

Webspace are great. They helped me set up my website, and are providing me with ongoing support and updates, which I really appreciate. The work was quick, and I got exactly what I wanted! Thanks team.

Ramisa F Cyberjam

Launching a Website Should Be Fun

If you've tried launching a website before, you've likely experienced one of the following

Do-it-yourself platforms which cost more than first advertised



Designed your website. It looks OK, but it's not converting

Agencies charging big $$ for a site that is, well, meh



A site that is not working FOR your business

Traffic and conversion techniques seem like a dark art



You don't know how the technology works, what all the terms mean or how they benefit you

Webspace will design, build, and launch websites that convert!

The Webspace Difference

We simplify the process of designing and launching a digital presence. You can be up and running in a matter of weeks.

We solve problems

We solve problems with proven methods 

Old Way

  • Do-it-yourself
  • Business is slow
  • Unhappy customers 

Our Way

  • Let the experts at it
  • Fill that pipeline
  • Focus on Customer 

We accelerate development 

We use best-in-class tools to speed up development 

Old Way

  • Hire a web designer 
  • Hire an agency 
  • Hire a developer

Our Way

  • Use Thrive Architect 
  • Use WordPress Platform
  • Small team, fast turnaround


We offer a variety of digital services to ensure the growth of your business from start to finish. We continue working with you to refine and refresh your digital footprint!


We make websites that bring business ideas to life

  • Beautiful Design
  • Amazing Copy
  • Reliable Service 

Online Stores

We build online shopping experiences that convert

  • Easy Buy Flow 
  • Impeccable Experience
  • Reports and analytics


Sales Funnels that drive traffic to your products and services 

  • Story Development
  • Campaign Structures
  • Proven Templates

Digital Marketing

Latest digital marketing methods to ensure your business is seen and heard 

  • Digital Strategy Design
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimisation

Our Process

We deliver the future, daily.

Our workflow and experience ensures there are no surprises. Normal projects go from 4-8 weeks, smaller projects are much faster.

Timely feedback and revisions will keep your project on track.


We capture and review your requirements, competitors, and users to find the best fit and carefully craft tasks to ensure accurate costs and timelines

Required from you

Initial meeting, any existing content, and example websites for our reference to help hit the mark


We consider your customers / users and objectives to present several custom design ideas to take your business to the next level

Required from you

Design Feedback and approvals on design brief. Select a final design concept for the rest of the build


We undertake a clean build using Thrive Architect and best-practice techniques for maintainable, quality work

Required from you

Iterative feedback throughout the build with up to 3 showcases to ensure we're on the right track

Feedback and testing 

We conduct our own testing of the sites functionality and usability across platforms to ensure the best user experience is achieved

Required from you

Once our testing is complete, we hand over to you for a round of acceptance testing. Tell us what works, what doesn't, and we'll polish your new gem  

Go Live

We provide training, make any final quality assurance revisions, do our pre-go-live checks and get your site live.

Required from you

Go-live approval, project balance paid, and hosting arrangement finalised for future proofing  


Our best-in-class support team will assist with any technical queries that arise. As part of all projects, you receive 2 minor changes per month.

Required from you

Just email our support and log a job, whether its technical trouble, information request, minor changes or major changes

About Us

We love how technology can help businesses and individuals reach their goals. We founded webspace on the premise that everyone should have access to the best web technologies and services available to help achieve the outcomes they're looking for. Our team is great and our clients are great. come join the community and find what you need to launch your digital strategy.

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