Create Your Bundle

Build your own Website Bundle. Review the options and build your Webspace Bundle at the Checkout below.

Website Size

Simple (1 Page)

  • 997

Regular (3 Pages)

  • 2997

Premium (5 Pages)

  • 4997

Website Domain

Your web domain is the address where you view your website (e.g.


I have my own domain.

  • 0

Domain Needed

I don't have a domain, please setup one for me. We will contact you to find an available domain for you

  • 15

Website Hosting

Webspace will host your website on our servers so it is available to the world. The first month is on us.


  • 35 per month


  • 45 per month


  • 55 per month

We recommend starting with the Small plan and working your way up if your website needs the additional power.


Add email to your bundle so you can use a email address.

I don't need email

I already have email setup or not required

  • 0

Basic Forwarding

Forward my emails from my new domain to an existing email address.

  • 10 setup then 0 per month

Google Workplace

Setup my new email with Google Workplace and get access to Google Workplace Suite (Google Docs etc.)

  • 25 per month (per user)

Microsoft Office 365

Setup my new email with Office 365 and get access to the Office 365 suite (Microsoft Word etc.)

  • 35 per month (per user)

Website Premium Addons (Optional)

Choose up to 2 Optional Premium Webspace Addons. You can add addons to your website at any time on request.

  • Additional Standard Page
  • Dedicated Conversion Optimised Landing Page
  • Bookings System
  • Membership site
  • eLearning Platform
  • Chat Bot
  • Customer Support System
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